Touchdown Delivery - Recruitment Application
Hi! Welcome to my recruitment for my newly founded company, Touchdown Delivery.

Touchdown Delivery is committed to providing safe and reliable drone transport for America’s Businesses and Customers. The future of commerce is aerial!

People think a tech giant will step in and implement drone delivery. NO WAY! People want a solution that benefits businesses at all levels, not a monopoly.

The Touchdown business model is socially and environmentally ethical. This isn’t some company owning the future; we’re introducing Main St to a new way to generate revenue Day 1 with Touchdown Delivery.

I’ve recorded over 600 hours developing a business plan and drone design and have become convinced that a network of overhead transport for products such as meals, groceries, medications, makeup, clothing, and anything else that weighs under 5 lbs has a place in the market! While I’ll share aspects of my business plan in person (see the events spreadsheet), posting it online isn’t my style. However, if you’d like a succinct summary, know that I have no intention to sell drones, I’m going to sell access to a network which allows small businesses to flourish in a fast paced economy.

I’m recruiting 7 undergraduates* from southern California to help me unite the aspects of hardware (drone), software (network), and operations (plan) which define my current goals! Although my current Version7.3.0 drone design would fly, I demand further optimization, and I intend to begin again from scratch once I’ve found some clever and energetic company. Why not you? Whether you’re interested in designing structural members at a professional level or refining an incredible electronics system, coming to one of my events is worth your time. Let me address your questions directly; how does it land? why is it cameraless? what is this network? and how do I intend to make money?

I’ll shake your hand, walk you through it, and leave you soberly convinced that Touchdown Delivery will have an investor before 2019. The future of commerce is aerial!

Blue skies,
(951) 526-4377, text to set up a call

*or grads who convince me beyond any reasonable doubt that they can commit 40h/mo for the year

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