CELA Emergency Financial Aid Application
CELA - Center for Expressive Living & Creative Arts
Emergency Financial Aid Application

Information provided in a financial aid application is used to make a financial aid determination. There are several scholarships available each year for new and returning students who have been accepted into a certification program.

All CELA financial assistance is in the form of tuition remission and covers partial to full tuition costs for CELA's ICAF, ICAT, ICAE, and EWF-C certification programs. The cost of course books is not included.

CELA scholarships are need based. All applications for financial assistance are evaluated on an individual basis. Financial aid determinations are made after considering all of a candidate's admission information, including but not limited to the personal statement, resume, work history and experience, the financial aid application, and the candidate's demonstrated financial need.

CELA also offers student emergency financial aid assistance for students enrolled in the ICAF, ICAT, ICAE, or EWF-C certification programs and the CELACare Eco-Health Home Health Aide Certificate Program. CELA offers one-time only emergency assistance for eligible candidates who apply. The emergency assistance is in the form of tuition remission and can be applied toward tuition costs for CELA online courses, internship supervision costs for supervision provided by CELA supervisors (for students enrolled in Facilitation Skills at the time of the submission of their application for emergency aid,) and the CELA graduation fee.

Student emergency assistance requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis

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