Arthurdale Heritage Playground Project
Arthurdale Heritage is thinking of ways to engage with children not only in Arthurdale, but in greater Preston and Monongalia Counties. We are seeking the community's view on the building of a playground at our site which would have educational components and be appropriately themed to reflect the unique story of Arthurdale and its homesteaders. We would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire to help guide us into making an informed decision on whether a play space project should be undertaken, subject to funding factors within and beyond our control.
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Would you use the playground if one was built in Arthurdale?
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Is there unique historical information related to our community that you could envision being represented into the playground design?
Do you have a friend or relative with special needs? If so, what could we include in the design to meet those needs?
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We're looking for community members to help contribute/build structures for the playground!
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