Game Devs of Color Expo 2024 - Game Applications
Thank you for your interest in Game Devs of Color Expo 2024. The main conference takes place September 18th-21st, entirely online. 

GDoCExpo has multiple game showcases, and this application form is for any/all of them:
Game Dev Interviews (interviews with our host that are part of our conference)
GDoCExpo Steam Sale (our Steam event with games on sale, demos, and wishlist)
GDoCExpo Direct (our Direct with new and exclusive video updates from devs)

Anyone who is accepted as part of the event is also automatically eligible for the Game Devs of Color Grants (no-strings grant funding ranging from $15K - $25K USD per team). No additional application is necessary.

It's possible to be accepted to some of above and not others. We email all applicants with official acceptance or rejection letters, but we do not provide written feedback. 

What We're Looking For
We're looking for games and developers that stand out and can show the wide range of talents and skills we offer as developers of color. Selections can be polished commercial titles, or they can be small and personal works that make a statement. They can be from established, beloved genres, or they can be experimental and unique. We're here to showcase quality and passion.

We love both digital and analog/tabletop games, and we'd love to showcase both at our upcoming event. We're also interested in both released and upcoming projects. We prefer games that are either already our, or are coming out within a year of the showcase. We'll especially keep an eye out for projects that translate well visually and conceptually through online video.

We are not currently accepting submissions for NFT, Blockchain, Crypto, Play-to-Earn, or projects using certain types of AI-generated content.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, and you can also find some of our most common reasons for submission rejections in order to help tune up your application!

TIMELINE: Dev Interviews
• APRIL 19th: Applications due at 11:59pm Eastern Time (UTC-5)
MAY 21st: Dev Interview participants confirmed
• MAY-JULY: Interviews recorded
• SEPTEMBER 18th-21st: Broadcast date

• MAY 10th: Applications due at 11:59pm Eastern Time (UTC-5)
• JUNE 2nd: Direct participants confirmed
• AUGUST 1st: Final videos due for accepted games
• SEPTEMBER 18th-21st: Broadcast date

TIMELINE: GDoCExpo Steam Sale
• AUGUST 2nd: Applications due at 11:59pm Eastern Time (UTC-5)
• SEPTEMBER 18th-21st: Steam Sale

The above timelines may be subject to change.

When you complete this form, you’ll receive an email confirmation and a link to edit your submission. Feel free to edit your submission at any time to add any new information before the deadline. 

Send any further questions to

Looking for where to apply to give a talk or speak on a panel in the online conference? Apply using this form

Thanks again!
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