Graham Elementary Student Survey
We need your help and honesty! This survey is being used to understand what life is like for you and other students at Graham.
Please check the box that describes you:
I am a:
Please rate each statement using the 3 point scale. 1=not at all, 2=sometimes, 3=all the time
I like school.
My teacher cares about me.
My teacher believes I can learn.
4. I am recognized for good work and or accomplishments
5. I am challenged by the work my teacher asks me to do
6. I know what I am supposed to be learning in my class
7. My teacher and principal have high expectations for me
8. Students are treated fairly by teachers
9. Students at my school are friendly
10. When I need it, my family helps me with my homework
11. My family believes I can do well in school
12. I have too much homework
13. I feel safe at school
14. If another student was involved in unsafe or dangerous behavior I would report it
15. I know what to do in an emergency when someone tells me what do (e.g. fire drill, lockdown, severe weather.)
The best part about Graham is:
Your answer
Something Graham could improve on is:
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