Raging Chicken 2020 and Beyond: Suggestions for Guest Interviews
We are appealing to listeners of our podcast and readers of our web page for feedback as we make changes for 2020 and beyond. Your feedback and input can help shape homegrown, progressive media in PA and beyond. Thank you!
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We are considering expanding our interview shows with writers and academics who study social movements in PA and beyond. We are especially interested in PA-based scholars and journalists. Who would you like to hear interviewed on our podcast? (Please only include one person/group per submission. This will make it easier for us to contact them).
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If you included a suggestion in the previous section, tell us a little bit about the person/people you suggested. What is their work about? How is their work connected to progressive/left politics and activism?
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Do you know this person/these people personally?
If you answered "Yes" or "More of an Acquaintance" to the previous question, do you have their email address so we could contact them? If you do, please provide it below.
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