Workplace Discipleship 101
A FREE Seminar for Students, Workers (all types!), and Retirees

The Christian life is not just about our church activities . . . or our friendship and family life. Jesus is Lord of all of our life, 24/7, including the ways we prepare for work (our education), and the ways we actually work over the years, whether at home or in an office or factory or elsewhere, whether for money or as a volunteer. The Bible has a ton to say about the working part of our lives. This seminar covers the basics. It is course “101,” the introduction. You will be amazed at the workplace adventure to which God calls us!

Instructor: David Gill, FCC Workplace Discipleship Coach (and long-time professor of Christian ethics and business ethics at places like North Park University and St. Mary’s College) (more info at

Saturday, November 3, 9am-2pm (Lunch Included)
First Covenant Church
4000 Redwood Road, Oakland

**Childcare will NOT be available.**

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