Participate in the 2013 "Crab Watch"!
Help our research team track the predicted 2013 hermit crab migration in the US Virgin Islands, on St. John (and throughout the Caribbean!!)

Last year, thousands of crabs were observed migrating to the sea. On their trek from the mountains to the shore, they crossed streets, passed through parks, backyards, and other property. YOU can help us to determine when and where the crabs are headed!

Our research team is dedicated to understanding why these migrations occur -- with your help, we'll be able to observe and video this migration to better understand this amazing phenomenon.
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This is what it the migration looks like once it reaches the beach, and a close up of a Caribbean hermit crab (Coenobita clypeatus) to help you identify the species. Photos by Steve Simonsen.
Hermit crab migration - Coenobita clypeatus - photography by Steve Simonsen
Date of sighting *
This helps us track hermit crab movement.
Time of sighting
This helps us track the migration and estimate when crabs are on the move.
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This will help us determine whether or not your crabs were likely part of the migration
Direction of movement *
Please tell us which direction the hermit crab was moving during the sighting.
Location of sighting to help us map hermit crab movement. *
Please be as specific as possible: nearest landmark? nearest bay? nearest road? nearest house?  Also, are you in St. John, or elsewhere in the Caribbean?
Additional information
Use this space to report any additional information, including the condition of the crabs or other observations.
Have you ever seen a hermit crab migration before?
Help us gather historical information on previous migrations!
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