YMCA NT Youth Week 2019 Award Nominations: Emerging Young Leader
The Emerging Young Leader Award is to recognise and celebrate the contributions of a young staff member (25 and under) who is making a positive impact on the organisation and demonstrating strong leadership potential. The award aims to encourage young people employed with the YMCA to develop their skills and gain valuable experience.

Any young person who displays a positive attitude to work and learning, and has achieved good relations with their work colleagues and their employer can be nominated for this award. The young person will also demonstrate a positive
contribution to the organisation.

Any young person who fulfills all the following criteria is eligible for nomination:
• Is working as an employee or volunteer for YMCA of the Northern Territory
• Is aged 25 years or under
• Is not a position of management

1. Contact details of the person completing this form
2. Award nominee details
Role and Centre / Program
3. Role and Responsibilities / Contribution to YMCA
Briefly outline the nominee’s role and their most important responsibilities. Describe the skills and qualities that make them an Emerging Young Leader and how they contribute to YMCA.
4. Leadership potential
Provide an example of the nominee demonstrating leadership qualities. Outline why you believe they have strong leadership potential.
5. YMCA values
Consider the YMCA values of Honesty, Respect, Care and Responsibility.​​​​ Outline how the nominee lives the YMCA values.
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