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The biggest cost associated with starting your franchise is incurred in finding and fitting out your store, these funds can be significant, we can help to secure funding for individuals with a good credit history of up to £25000. We have relationships with various banks that have our franchise on file and would supply successful candidates with a business plan template and put them forward to meet the correct people in the bank. This sum, however, is unlikely to cover all the costs ie property deposits, kitchen equipment, lawyers fees, stock etc, would you have other sources of capital to invest in order to make your business viable ?
Skill Sets and Experience *
What are your skill sets and experience and what areas are you not as confident in ? Ie comfortable with spreadsheets, understand the cash cycle, have managed staff, have managed stock etc ? We can provide training in any areas where you may not have experience but we would be looking for individuals with some of the skill sets required to run a successful business, please include as much detail as possible:
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