Mach 30 Apogee III Call for Presenters
Submissions are due by July 3, 2016
Do you have a space related project you want to share? Are you ready to give a space related presentation? Then Mach 30 is looking for you! We are accepting proposals for project exhibits and presentations at our third annual Apogee event (

Apogee III will be at TechShop-DC in Arlington, VA, on August 6, 2016. Use this form to submit a proposal for project exhibit space or a presentation. Mach 30 will select proposals based on their relevance to Mach 30's mission ( In short, all proposals should relate to spaceflight and preference will be given to proposals emphasizing maker approaches and open source hardware.

All presenters will receive 1 free admission ticket to Apogee III. Exhibitors will receive table space, power, and wifi internet access. Speakers will receive a 30 minute window (we recommend leaving time for questions) to present their story, and audio & video projection equipment. Additional resources available upon request. You may submit multiple proposals.

Submissions are due by July 3, 2016. The assignments of booth space and speaker schedule will be finalized on July 10, 2016.

We look forward to seeing you at Apogee III. ad astra per civitatem - to the stars through community

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