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This form needs to be completed by February 28th. We are excited to meet you!
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A. Each student must have a 2.0 at the last grading period in order to join leadership.
B. Students must receive a positive rating from their teachers.
C. Students must display appropriate behavior at all times. If a student is suspended or is another behavior problem, they may be removed from the class.
D. Students must be proactive, responsible, creative, and self-sufficient students.
1. Complete the online form application no later than Friday, February 28th at 4pm.
2. Your teachers will be consulted by Ms. Schembri for recommendations if necessary. No action is required on your part.
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Leadership Retreat: July 31- August 2 (48 hour camping trip)
Leadership Training: July 27th *Tentative Date* (at Del Mar, all day. Meals provided)
Registration: Days TBD -- Students will work two shifts
Work Days: These will be determined in the summer. We will give you enough advanced notice to ensure high attendance.
** Missing mandatory events will not preclude you from being in the class. However, each event is worth 20 class points per day missed.
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If chosen for the ASB elective class, how would you demonstrate your leadership and school spirit at school? *
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What activities do you do in school and outside of it?
Check off up to 10 skills below that you think you are really good at. *
List up to five things that are not on the list above that you think you are really good at. *
If you have had the opportunity to serve in a leadership role before, tell me about the experience and what you did. *
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