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An Expression of Interest in any potential investment opportunity is an EOI only.   It is in no way binding to either party.   This EOI is for Wholesale Investors, or retail investors interested to invest more than $50,000 in any investment.  Direct co-investment is only open to wholesale investors.
ORICoop will notify interested investors of specific investment opportunities as they become available, and invite investors to do their own due diligence, & subsequently complete a formal Application form to confirm their interest.  Should an offer be oversubscribed, at the Investment Committee's discretion the amount of your accepted investment will be subsequently confirmed.

You can submit the form here or email directly:-

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Are you interested in investing in supply chain solutions (infrastructure, storage, processing and technology assets) that would improve the efficiency of the existing supply chain in targeted commodities?  
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Are you interested in investing in the Eco-Bond that funds transition on farms?
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ORICoop Disclaimer
Returning your Application
ORICoop does not make any recommendation or representation in respect of any aspect of the above or any specific investments. Interested investors should do their own investigation and analysis. They should seek independent professional advice and ensure the intended investment and its inherent risks are matched to their particular circumstances.

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