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Remember, the greater the sacrifice of time and/or money, the greater the commitment and better the outcome.  Your application will be reviewed and If we think you’re a great candidate for working with us and other entrepreneurs privately in this high level mastermind,  we will schedule a call with you! Mastermind groups have a required additional 2-3 hour meeting prior to the start of the regular meetings. The Align to Shine Mastermind for Women will start in April, 2021.  Space is limited to ten participants, so avoid disappointment and apply today
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Develop Your Intuition, Build Your Influence & Increase Your Income!​
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Do you believe in a higher power, (God, the Universe, etc.) and if so, how would you describe your relationship? *
Do you have a financial goal in mind for this next year and how far away from it are you? *
What’s your dream for your life & business" How would you like things to look if anything was possible? *
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What will happen if you don’t make changes or just ignore them? *
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We will only schedule consultations with entrepreneurs who will get the best results from working with us.  Is there anything else you feel we should know about you? *
Thank you for your application.  It will be reviewed within the next 24 hours and I will be contacting you.  Have a great day!  Gloria Grace Rand
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