Candidate Investigator Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the 2017 Candidate Evaluations! Candidate Investigators are people like you who help us provide voters with the region's only independent, non-partisan, non-agenda driven evaluation of candidates for public office.

To sign up today, please fill out the brief application below (which should only take 5-10 minutes) and email with any questions.

Your responses to this application will help the Municipal League to form Candidate Evaluation Committees that are comprised of a diverse group of interested citizens. We seek to include individuals from a broad range of racial and ethnic origins, with differing ages, occupations, income levels, residential locations and political perspectives. Please note that knowledge of political affairs and involvement in civic activities are not prerequisites for serving on a committee.

The information you provide is strictly confidential. It will be used exclusively by the Municipal League to form balanced Candidate Evaluation Committees.
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Are you a Precinct or District Level Officer for the Republican/Democratic Party, or will you be in the next year? *PLEASE NOTE: We attempt to make the CEC process as non-partisan as possible. If you are currently a PCO, or will become one in the next year, you will not be able to participate in this program, and do not need to complete the rest of this application. *
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Will you be serving in a leadership capacity with a political party this year? *
(Optional) Please check the party you most closely identify yourself with. *PLEASE NOTE: Municipal League is a non-partisan organization and we seek diverse political viewpoints in our candidate evaluation process. Your answer helps us to ensure balanced committees.
Please indicate on the following scale to illustrate where you define yourself on the political spectrum:
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Please list any candidate or ballot issue campaigns in which you have been actively involved in the past four years:
If you were actively involved in a candidate or ballot measure campaign in the past four years, what was your involvement?
Have you contributed to a political campaign for a candidate running for election in 2017?
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If you answered yes to the previous question, please give the name of the candidate.
What, if any, public offices have you sought or held? Include appointments to commissions, precinct committee positions, political party committees, etc.
Do you have any relatives who are or will be running for elected office in King County this year? *
If you answered yes to the previous questions, please list the name and position of the relative who is running for office.
Have you served on a Municipal League Candidate Evaluation Committee before?
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If you served on the Candidate Evaluations Committee in previous years please provide information on which committee and during what year(s) you served.
How did you find out about the Municipal League's Candidate Evaluation process?
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