Questions for groups requesting Fiscal Sponsorship
Please fill out as much as you can and the rest we'll discuss at a meeting.
Name of Group Requesting Fiscal Sponsorship
If you go by more than one, put both
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Name of Group Contact Person
Or 2 people
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What is your mission and how does it match with Worcester Roots?
Roots' summarized mission is "Sprouting up cooperatively owned and green initiatives for social and environmental justice."
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Are there any activities your project does that might put the organization at risk?
We are not necessarily opposed to risky actions, etc. but want to know about them ahead of time and take them into account as much as possible.
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What are the principle activities of your project, especially as it might pertain to liability / insurance?
Use of equipment, work with toxics, minors, etc. We will use this info to see if our liability insurance package may be affected.
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If the above activities increase our liability insurance premium, are you willing to pay for the difference?
And if so, up to what amount?
Are there any aditional reporting requirements that would be required by taking on your project?
To you, funders or government?
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What is your approximate projected annual budget?
How much money do you expect to bring in throughout one year?
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About how many financial transactions do you expect per month?
Checks in, bills or reimbursements paid, etc.
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Are you requesting a separate bank account for your project?
If so, how many signers from your project do you need on it? Also, let us know here if you already have a bank account.
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Are you incorporated with the state?
If so, as a non-profit or other corporation? Under what statute?
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For how long do you expect wanting fiscal sponsorship from our organization?
1 year? 2? 3? Indefinitely?
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Are you hoping for additional incubation or support in addition to fiscal sponsorship?
Fiscal sponsorship includes bookkeeping, bill paying, payroll or contractor payments, insurance coverage if applicable. Additional support could be: office space, co-op incubation / training, grant collaboration, grant-writing support, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, etc.
Your answer
Are you ok with paying a 10% of income administrative fee (charged yearly) in addition to expenses (such as workers compensation)?
Are you ok with helping build our organization's membership?
This means publicizing our events and membership options to your participants, etc.
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