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I, the undersigned, am the parent/legal guardian of the aforementioned child / children and requesting admittance to ISN NUR ACADEMY Saturday School. Furthermore, each STUDENT being enrolled is in good health, and does not suffer from any illness; disability or condition that requires the taking of medication on a regular basis and any such condition is disclosed to and is accepted by the school administration. I also understand that there is no reason that each STUDENT on this form cannot or should not participate in vigorous practice or play. I, the undersigned, hereby expressly agree to be responsible for any medical bills incurred in the treatment of any illness or accident of the said STUDENT. In the event of any such accident or injury, I hereby give my full consent to allowing the ISN NUR ACADEMY School Administration and ISN NUR ACADEMY staff to procure any medical treatment deemed necessary and advisable on behalf of my child. I understand that, as a condition of admittance of each STUDENT, the undersigned, on behalf of all parents and guardians, and on behalf of the applicant(s), hereby release; the ISN NUR ACADEMY Saturday School and its Staff and Principal, all and every member of School and ISN NUR ACADEMY Staff, and the Instructors from all and any liability resulting from injury or illness, mental or physical, suffered by the STUDENT during or related to the school year. I also understand that the monthly tuition will be due by the first Saturday of each month. By clicking Yes, I, the legal parent/guardian of the aforementioned child have read and understand the above and acknowledge and accept full responsibility as described above. *
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