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3. consent to allow my image and likeness to be used with the understanding that my place of residence will not be used.

4. understand that the City of Winnipeg has non-exclusive right to use the still image and video work submitted for publicity purposes and in doing so may crop, graphically alter, distribute, broadcast, edit, remix, modify and use throughout the world and in perpetuity and on whatever media is now known or hereafter devised.

5. understand that I will receive no compensation for my appearance and participation in this project.
I hereby:

6. Release the City of Winnipeg from any and all claims, demands, and liability whatsoever which I might otherwise have in copyright, defamation, privacy, nuisance, or for any other cause, matter, or thing whatsoever arising out of the production, distribution and use of the still images or video.
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Upload a video of you explaining what you think Mayors do, and what you’d do to make Winnipeg a better place to live and why (a video is not required, but is encouraged if possible).

Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes, with a maximum file size of 1GB. Video content in any digital format (.MOV; .MP4; .AVI; .WMV; .FLV) will be accepted.

Please note: If submitting an application via mail, applicants can choose to include a portable storage device such as a memory card or flash drive. If you are providing your application by mail, please complete the print version of this form and upload your video to the "Upload only" form or include a portable storage device in the mail. Portable storage devices used to submit video content via mail will not be returned and will be deleted upon completion of the Kid Mayor initiative.
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