Delta Tails Scholarship Application
Scholarships will be available on a rolling basis depending on current openings and donated spots. Here are a few scholarship opportunities we have provided in the past:

Reactivity Scholarships
Pet dog or service dog prospect working towards resolving reactivity. Spots may be available for the intensive program or self paced program.
Service Dog Rehab Scholarships
Service dog prospect working towards resolving behavior issue (separation anxiety, fearfulness, reactivity, etc).
Service Dog Basic Scholarships
Service dog prospect with no behavior struggles working towards public manners, tasks, and obedience.
Scent Detection Scholarships
Allergen or medical detection scholarship for at home or public service dog.
Trainer Prep Scholarships
Dog guardian wanting to become a professional trainer by learning with Delta Tails LLC.
Private Training Scholarships
Best for anyone who is interested in daily work, daily check ins, assignments, calls, and more. This is the only option for separation anxiety, aggression, extreme fear, and any strong behavior problem.
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Requirement Agreement 

The following requirements must be met if you are selected as a scholarship recipient:  

- Evidence of weekly work: submit videos for feedback to discord community weekly
- Attend all live calls included in your scholarship
- Respond to all check in messages
- Update admin if sick and will miss classes or require accommodations 

By typing your name below you understand that these requirements must be met each month in order to retain the scholarship.

If you do not meet these requirements, you will be warned once and given time to make up the missed work.

Second offense removes you from the scholarship.

Type your FULL name below to agree.
Which scholarships are you applying for? Check all options that you'd like to be considered for. *
What best describes you? (this will not affect your chances of receiving a scholarship.) *
Which phrases best describe you if any? *
Select the scenario that best describes you: *
Please tell us about your dog. What is their training history? What are they struggling with? *
What do you hope to learn in the scholarship period? *
What would earning a scholarship mean to you? 

You may type text or film a video and post it unlisted to YouTube and copy the link below.

Remember to spend time on this. The more passionate and thorough you are, the more likely you are to be chosen as a recipient. 

Please write more than 250 words or a video of at least 3 minutes, and take as much time as you would for a college scholarship. This will give you the best chances at receiving a scholarship.
Please drop at least 4 videos of your dog's current progress and struggles in this box. We want to see where you are right now, no matter how "bad" you feel it is. 

Please do not purposefully trigger your dog. If you are dealing with behavior problems, upload past videos you have already taken or show us your current progress under threshold. For example, if you have a reactive dog, you could show them able to stay calm and relaxed around a stranger 100 feet away (instead of provoking a reaction for video purposes). 

These videos will help us put you in the correct program, see your improvement over time, and guide our initial recommendations.

These will also be amazing to look back on after your time with us to show how much you have improved. 

By attaching these videos, you consent to us using them for social media purposes with names and faces removed for privacy.
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