MDSwap Interested MDs

Inspire your choir further by injecting your sessions with something completely different!!

Have a Partner MD come along and inspire your gang (only 20 mins), then you go and inspire theirs.

Find Your MDSwap
Fill out this form to be added to the list of MDs keen to “MDSwap”. This list will create a spreadsheet that you can then view and choose a style of MD that suits you. Discuss your plan for the session together… Then sit back and learn from each other while skilling up your choir with some new tricks!! You don't have to wait for anyone or be managed; you just communicate directly yourself. Everyone on the list will be in our Facebook group, so you can find them YOURSELF in the members list.

If you do need help or want someone to connect you, get in touch with us (

REMEMBER TO POST AND TAG as much of the content that you can record from the MDSwap. We will then share, support and publicise your fantastic work!!

MDBrunch and Project Get Singing are here for you. Please stay in touch with all our activities:

The Team - Sam, Mel, Marta, Ben, Phil, Nav, Lizzy, Angela & Louise
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