"Spark" Video Footage Release Form
MPress Records
118 E 28th St. #1010
New York, NY 10016
p. 212-481-7243
Program: Rachael Sage's "Spark" Music Video

I hereby irrevocably grant all rights and permissions to MPress Records and their partners, licensees, agents, successors, assignees, distributors and others affiliated with them (collectively, the “Producers’), to utilize my video recording as content for or as related to Rachael Sage’s music video “Spark” (“the Program”). This video may be used in the Program and any derivative works derived therefrom in any and all media now or hereafter known, including but not limited to web-based and print publications, broadcast television, radio broadcast, cable broadcast and web broadcast throughout the world and in perpetuity. I further grant the Producers the right to use my name, likeness, and video in all media and in all forms and for the Program and for all other purposes including but not limited to, advertising and other promotions for the Program or any derivative works derived therefrom. I understand and agree that all materials containing my name and likeness may be kept on file and used by the Producers for potential future purposes. I further understand and agree that the Producers are the owners of the Program, the copyright therein, including but not limited to the worldwide rights to broadcast, display, reproduce, license, and distribute it, as well as any derivative works created from it. I agree to assign, and hereby do assign, any interest I may have, by virtue of the use of my name, likeness and video, in the copyright to any of the Program or advertising and promotional materials or derivative works thereof.

I understand and agree that the Producers are not obligated to use my name, likeness or video in the Program, promotional material or possible derivative works. I agree to hold the Producers harmless for any and all claims arising out of, or connected with, the use of the Program, any derivative, my name, likeness, or voice therein. I further understand and agree all of the rights granted by me herein are in consideration of the possibility (but not the obligation) that MPress Records use one or more of my name, likeness, and video in a broadcast of one of the Programs.

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