2019-2020 Science Olympiad Volunteer Interest Form
Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization promoting STEM K-12 education through team-based competitions. The competition is not possible without the help of volunteers spending their time before and during the Saturday of the event to ensure its success.

Competition areas covered by Science Olympiad are available at this link:
Division B represents middle school (Grades 6-8)
Division C represents high school (Grades 9-12)

There are two primary ways to contribute to Science Olympiad and be a part of the Science Olympiad at UCSB:

1. Be an event supervisor. Event supervisors volunteer on the day of the competition to supervise students in one competition event. These event supervisors are responsible for administering and grading tests and act as representatives for the Science OIympiad at UCSB and their respective institutions. They are the face of the competition at the administrative level.

2. Be a test writer. Test writers volunteer their time prior to the competition. They construct tests and/or hands-on experiments for students. Test writers are supplied with the same rules the students receive. These tests undergo peer review and quality control to ensure they are at an appropriate difficulty level for middle school and high school students.

Interested volunteers can be both event supervisors and test writers. It is in fact recommended, but NOT REQUIRED, for test writers to act as event supervisors on the day of the competition as they understand their tests the best.

If you indicate interest in test writing, we will reach out to you earlier so we can begin the test writing process. We will be filling the test writer positions as the responses come in, so reply ASAP if you definitely want to get involved in that! If you indicate interest in event supervising, we will be contacting you closer to the competition dates.

A modest breakfast/lunch and snacks will be provided for volunteers. We will also sign off Volunteer Hours if needed!

The 2019-2020 Science Olympiad competitions will take place on the following date:
SB Regional: Sat, Mar 7, 2020 @ University of CA, Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, CA

For any questions or concerns, please contact sbscioly@gmail.com
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