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The archival datathon will be hosted in kaggle (

The competition will start on Friday, May 7. If you win, we will contact you for the details of the presentation and the prize (read the participation rules!).

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Know us!
Archivists and Records Managers held large datasets and do an important work with data, we can work together. Come and learn about us in our congress
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We will only use this data for the competition: the invitation, information during the event and closing. A post-serial email will be sent with information from the organizers.
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- This challenge is from nerdy and lovely archivists to you: we have data, let’s play. We are the Society of Catalan Archivists and Records Managers
- There’s a prize, Wolter Klower sponsors it
- If you want the prize a) do the best categorization and b) at the end of the archival congress, give us a feedback about your work (just 10 minutes) in our congress.
- We open it on friday 7 may and close it on thursday 13 at 9:00 AM
- We won't use your personal data, just datathon emails and only one with information about us.
- Don’t cheat
- Have fun
- Apply yourself
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