Escape from Trolgar
Hi Fiercelings,

Welcome to the first of many Zaria Fierce themed escape rooms.

We are continuing to celebrate the launch of book seven in the series, Christoffer Johansen and the Return to Jötunheim which released on May 1, 2020.

You can complete this escape room as a group or as an individual. There are 12 riddle parts to this escape room, 43 sections in total, or 58 sections if you need to use all the hints, the last section (59) is a survey.

This escape room is based on the world of the Zaria Fierce Series by Keira Gillett. You will be directed at times to her author website: or books. Most things you need are provided within the game itself.

The theme of this escape room is "Escape from Trolgar," where you have been captured by Jorkden’s Wild Hunt and are in danger of becoming the mountain-trolls' next meal.

NOTE: For those who are new to the series, the first book in the series is free at most retailers in ebook format. The second book is also free if you sign up for Keira Gillett's newsletter.

NOTE: You may find the escape room easier with a computer, printer, and/or pen & paper.

NOTE: There are hints along the way. It is recommended to answer "No" or to not answer the question at all about hints the first time you see one crop up. If you get stuck, you can easily backtrack in the game and answer the hint question with "Yes" to be taken to a helpful hint.

SUGGESTED: Time yourself!

When you're ready, click "Next" below to begin. Good luck and have fun!

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