ME4 Change is an entrepreneurship training course and mentoring programme where you will gain practical knowledge in starting your own business.
The Training courses, started in spring 2018 and delivered by highly qualified trainers in the city of Milan, Helsinki, Berlin and Brussels, ended this summer.

ME4Change is now developing the Mentoring Programme, a specific support helping you to find opportunities for your company to grow.
During this phase, lasts until December, you will be driven by an expert Mentor, together you will decide your path, objectives to be reached and steps to complete until the end of the programme.

We will also organize a pitch event at the end of the programme, where you can meet potential investors for your company to get it really off the ground.

Please note that the course is open to migrants (i.e. no EU member state citizenship) between 18 and 34 years old and living in Italy, Finland, Germany or Belgium for at least one year.
If you want to join to the ME4Change Mentoring programme, please fill the form in and we will evaluate your profile basing on our internal requirements. We will come back to you with the screening results in the next few weeks.
If you wish to have more information on the mentoring programme and/or need support in filling your application, please contact:

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