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Dear Researcher

Welcome to the Research Mentorship Collective is a program of the Eider Africa  which aims at transforming research  mentorship in Africa. We seek to empower you to resolve any bottle necks you may have in your research journey.

This registration form is to enable us capture your details as we seek to get a suitable mentor for you. Please fill in all the fields. Looking forward to helping you unlock your potential in your research journey. 

Please read and adhere to our Data Protection and Private Policy as well as the Safe Guarding Policy Eider Africa Data Protection and Privacy Policy

For any questions or queries please call or WhatsApp +254 708363571 or email
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8. When is your expected date of graduation if you are in school?


9.What specific mentorship area (s) would you like to mentored on? Please be specific in terms of outcomes, content and timelines.


By the end of the mentorship session, I will be able to

 For example, I would like to learn how to develop a research proposal specifically how to craft the problem statement, I need to submit my proposal by 23rd October 2022 


10. What qualities are you looking for in a mentor? 


11. Do you want a mentor of a specific gender? If so, please specify. Please keep in mind that we do not always meet this request especially when mentors available are few. Should this happen we will discuss with you further. 


12. You will meet with your mentor online once a week for 1 hour 30 minutes for four weeks. Are you available and committed to keep to this times?  You will agree with the mentor the actual day. Yes or No


13. Do you accept we share your profile with a potential mentor to aid with the matching? We will not share your personal contact details Yes or No.

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