Your Student Journey
Hello! I'm doing some research on the high school student's journey to college/university/workforce and would love to hear some feedback from those that have graduated high school.

This is a continuation of our study from last semester ( Based on the previous feedback we received we will be going forward and creating an interactive website experience for high school students to assist in helping them become more prepared for their futures — whether it be going on to university, college, skilled trades, etc.

We want to hear some of your student journey experiences :)

What level of study/work are you currently pursuing? *
If you are currently working and not attending school, please select "Other", specify your current work and what level of study you previously completed if applicable
What resources helped you in deciding what you wanted to do after high school? *
Were there any notable mentors, websites, events you attended, personal interests that helped you decide what you wanted to do after high school?
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What program and institution are you currently or were you previously enrolled in? How did you make that decision? *
If you were not enrolled in a college, university or skilled trades program and went directly into the workforce, please specify and share how you made that decision
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What do/did you enjoy the most about transitioning from high school to university, college, trades school etc.? *
Friend group? Extracurriculars? Moving away from home? Share your thoughts!
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What do/did you find the most difficult about transitioning from high school to university, college, trades school, etc.? *
Did you feel prepared coming out of high school? Was anything stressful? What was the biggest difference?
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What advice would you give a current high school student trying to decide on going into university, college, trade school, etc.? *
If you could go back to high school today, would you do anything differently?
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Are you comfortable sharing your name publicly on our future website reveal? *
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, tell us your name and a brief explanation of your student background. If 'No' answer N/A. *
Ex. Hi I'm Samantha, I'm a third year Bachelor of Interaction Design student at Sheridan College, I did a year of business at the University of Windsor prior to my current major and I work part-time for the Sheridan Student Union.
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Are you comfortable having your photo showcased on this website? *
Thank you for taking the time to take this survey!
To keep updated with this project check this link for future progress:
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