OrderMate Software Activation
If your System is currently showing "Disconnected from Server" it may be that your license has expired.
License Renewals are included in our Customer Care Plans. (If you are not on a Customer Care Plan a sign up link will be sent to you on the completion of this guide)
Please follow the guide below to renew your OrderMate Software License
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1. On your Main Terminal / Server tap "Exit"
2. Enter 1300667002 and Tap "✔ Ok"
** PLEASE NOTE: At this point check if ServerMate is on the desktop, if not you may not be on your server terminal, Please repeat step 1 & 2 on your other terminals until you see the ServerMate icon.
3. Open My Computer / This PC (This can be done by double-clicking "My Computer" on the desktop or clicking "Computer" from the Start Menu)
4. Double-click the drive labelled "C"
5. Double-click the folder labelled "Temp"
6. Double-click "MacAddressBySystem" (This will seem to do nothing)
7. Double-click "mac-address"
8. On this screen take note of highlighted section below on the top line and enter it into the box below. (If the first line is all 000000 use the line that is not 00000)
Enter the code below (The section where the ???? are on your screen) "IfIndex:-:XX::MAXADDR:-:????????????::Flags:....." *
Mac Address:
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