Scandal 2019 Tryouts
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March 31 Combine (Open Tryout for Scandal)
April 20 Tryout (Invite Only)
April 21 Tryout (Invite Only)
May 4 Tryout (Invite Only)
May 5 Tryout (Invite Only)
May 18 Tryout (Invite Only)
May 19 Tryout (Invite Only)
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June 1-2 NY Warmup (Middletown NY)
July 13-14 Pro Elite Challenge
Aug 2-5 US Open
Aug 31-Sept 2 Pro Champs
Sept 21-22 Regionals
Oct 24-27 Nationals (San Diego CA)
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I have horrible taste in music
Carly Rae is the queen of breakup bops, and Emotion is the best pop album of the 21st century
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