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Payment: Payment is due prior to receiving the class links, live video, or other materials. No refunds or transfers will be given for any reason. Your invoice will be sent once your registration form has been reviewed.

You agree to use only positive reinforcement methods when training your dog and to do so to the best of your ability. This includes refraining from the use of shock, prong, choke, or otherwise similar training devices, as well as tightening harnesses, poking, yelling or other harassment to the animal(s).

You agree to provide your personal information above in order to receive at-home training services with your dog. These services use a group class format and curriculum and do not replace personalized training. The curriculum is not designed to assist behavior modification for dogs with fear, anxiety, aggression, or any other need that requires private training. As such, we will not cover these issues, but you may request additional help for an additional charge. You may also ask for assistance in finding an appropriate local trainer to assist with these issues.
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I, the undersigned owner/handler (client) of the dog described above do hereby agree that Heather Gruber, Atta Pup! Dog and Puppy Training/Training and Pet Care and all Atta Pup! employees and agents will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from failure of the dog to respond to any cues or behaviors taught to him/her by Atta Pup! or resulting from counseling and advice supplied to the owners/handlers of the dog. The dog’s behavior now and in the future is solely the responsibility of the owners/handlers (client) of the dog. Should any behavior on the dog’s part now or in the future result in damage to the property, owners, or person or property of some third party, owner agrees to assume full responsibility for any and all such damage, and to absolve Heather Gruber and Atta Pup! and all Atta Pup! employees and agents from any and all obligations to pay such damage to owner/handler or third party. All dogs are trained or otherwise handled or cared for by or owner/handler receives instruction from Heather Gruber and Atta Pup! without any liability whatsoever against Heather Gruber, Atta Pup! or any Atta Pup! employee or agent for loss, damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to or from persons, other dogs or property, or by any other causes.

At Trainer's sole election, Trainer's duties hereunder shall terminate if (a) in Trainer's sole judgment Dog is dangerous in a way that online learning could prove detrimental in any way, or (b) Client breaches any term or condition of this Agreement. Upon termination in accordance with the foregoing, Trainer's duties shall terminate but all other provisions of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

I represent that I have read this Release before signing it and understand its provisions. I affirm and warrant that I have reached the age of majority and have full authority to make the grants herein contained.
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