STARBASE-South Bend 1.0 Week Program Application-English Form
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for taking an interest in our exciting 25-hour STEM experience! We can't wait to launch into our "hands-on" "minds-on" curriculum with you student!

How much does it cost per student? It’s FREE! Thanks to sponsorship by the Department of Defense
and many local donors, we do not charge the schools or students anything. We do ask that you arrange for transportation and lunches on your student's STARBASE days.

What is STARBASE? DoD STARBASE Indiana is a premier educational program, sponsored by
the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. At DoD STARBASE students
participate in challenging "hands-on, mind-on" activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Math (STEM). The program provides students with 25 hours of stimulating experiences at the National
Guard Armory in South Bend.

DoD STARBASE 1.0 focuses on elementary students, primarily fifth graders and sixth graders. The goal is to motivate them to explore STEM concepts as they continue their education. Our program also encourages students to set goals and achieve them.

Our programs engage students through the inquiry-based curriculum with experiential activities.
The students study Newton's Laws and Bernoulli’s Principle, explore energy and states of matter, build molecular models, investigate fluid mechanics, and density. They are captivated by engineering as they use the computer to design space stations using a professional computer aided design program. Math is embedded throughout the curriculum and students use metric measurement, calculation, graphing and data analysis to solve questions. They explore careers and interact with local STEM civilian and military professionals, scientists and engineers to see how STEM is used in the workplace. Teamwork is stressed as students work together to explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate concepts.

To finalize your child’s registration, please complete the short 6 section registration form. The registration process will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes [This includes time for the essay question for students]. Thank you and we look forward to meeting your student soon!

Please visit our website for more information —


The STARBASE Indiana- South Bend Team
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