St. Mary's Boys' National School Monaghan Enrolment Application Form 2022.23

Scoil Mhuire Enrolment Application Form 2022.23

St. Mary's Boys' School Monaghan

Dear Parent,

We are delighted to welcome enrolment from the First Class pupils in St. Louis Infant School.

Please find the Enrolment Application Form for Scoil Mhuire Muineachán for the 2022.23 school year below.

This Online Application Form is the equivalent of completing an Application Form issued by the School Office.

Please note all enrolments are accepted in accordance with our Admissions Policy.

We have also included questions relating to  POD (Primary Online Database) on this form.

If you require a hard copy of this form, please contact the school office at .

Yours sincerely,

Colm Mac Cinna


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If non-Catholic - Attend Prayer Service?
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If non-Catholic - Attend Church with Class Group?
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Name of any sibling(s) who attends St. Mary's (if applicable)  
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POD Information - Ethnic Background *
I consent for this information to be stored on the Primary Online Database (POD) and transferred to the Department of Education and Skills and any other primary schools my child may transfer to during the course of their time in primary school. *
Year of Arrival in Ireland (if applicable)
Class or Grade in Previous School *
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Is your child currently in receipt of learning support at school?  if so, please let us know.
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If your child previously Attended Learning Support- please outline the support received.
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Does your child attend Speech & Language Services? *
Does your child have access to or receive support from Occupational Therapist? *
Does your child have access to or receive support from Enable Ireland ? *
Please inform us of any medical conditions that affect your child.
Any medical conditions affecting pupil's lifestyle? *
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Does you child wear glasses? *
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Does your child have hearing difficulties? *
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Doctor's Name
Doctor's Address
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Name of Emergency Contact Person *
Emergency Contact Person Telephone Number *
Relationship of Emergency Contact Person to Child *
MEDICAL CONSENT I give my consent that when the teaching staff in Scoil Mhuire are unable to make contact with me, or with a carer duly authorised by us to act on my behalf, they may seek medical assistance for my child in the event of an illness or accident, and I further authorise medical practitioners to administer necessary medical treatment *
I agree that photographs of school activities featuring my child may be published in school, in the print media, on the school website, on the school app or on the school Twitter account @boysnsmonaghan. (children will not be named/identified without parental consent). *
I give permission for my child to take part in all organised and supervised school related outings/activities and events on/or outside the school premises during their time as a pupil in St. Mary's. *
I  agree to give permission for my child to participate in any standard school screening process and to avail of Support Teaching if necessary in order to facilitate their learning during their time at St. Mary's. I also permit the school to request copies of reports pertaining to my child's educational progress. *
I agree to comply with the school AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) on the use of the internet. I will use the network in a responsible way and observe all the rules explained to me by the school. I also agree to abide by the Code of Behaviour of St. Mary's.                                                Pupil's Name: *
As a parent or legal guardian of the above pupil, I am aware of the Acceptable Use Policy and grant permission for my child to access the Internet. I understand that Internet access is designed for educational purposes. I also understand that the school cannot be held responsible if pupils access unsuitable websites, but that every reasonable precaution has been taken by the school to provide for online safety.                                                                               I understand that, if the school considers it appropriate, my child's schoolwork may be chosen for inclusion on the school's website, school app or Twitter account and I understand and accept the terms of the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) relating to publishing children's work on the school website, school app and/or Twitter account.                                                             I also agree to my child following the Code of Behaviour of St. Mary's Boys' School Monaghan. *
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Please note that all School Policy Documents are available on request
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