SSP Summer 2020 Group Scholarship Application
We are dedicated to making the Sierra Service Project (SSP) experience affordable for every volunteer. To request funds to assist with the cost of attendance, please complete the form below.

If you are sending multiple groups to SSP and wish to request funds for each of them, please submit separate requests for each group. By completing this form, you acknowledge your group is committed to fundraising for the SSP trip as you are able. Be advised that the maximum scholarship award SSP can provide will not exceed the participation fee. In most cases, the maximum we will award for a volunteer is the cost of the fee less their deposit.

In the event your participating group size changes, we will revisit the award's distribution across your group's total participation numbers, to prevent altering your total amount awarded. If the participating group size drops below the amount of scholarship received, SSP may need to re-evaluate the award total.

Applications received by January 15 will receive priority, and the initial round of awards are made in late January. After that date, we accept applications and award scholarships on a rolling basis as funds are available. Awards are typically split evenly between the second and final payment balances.
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Week 6: Starts July 26
Week 7: Starts August 2
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