SD 60 DFL Constituency Caucus Representative Interest Form
Serving as a constituency caucus representative is a way for folks to lead within the district and help SD 60 better support the work of other organizations within the DFL. Responsibilities include providing an update from the constituency caucus during the beginning of SD 60 Central Committee meetings and attending constituency caucus meetings. The SD 60 Executive Committee will appoint constituency caucus representatives on a rolling basis.

DFL Constituency caucuses include: African American Caucus, Minnesotan Asian Indian Democratic Association, American Indian Caucus, Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus, Disability Caucus, Feminist Caucus, Hunting and Fishing Caucus, Latino Caucus, MN Young DFL, Progressive Caucus, Senior Caucus; Somali American Caucus; Stonewall DFL Caucus; Veterans Caucus. Students from the University of Minnesota College Democrats and Augsburg University Democrats are also eligible to serve as constituency caucus representatives.

Please direct all questions to Sonia Neculescu (Chair) at

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