SWEET MELODY by Heidi McCahan Bookstagram Tour
We're organizing a Bookstagram Tour for SWEET MELODY by Heidi McCahan. This is in the Christian Contemporary Romance genre.

Content Warnings: None

The tour will run from September 9th - 13th, two posts per day, with the giveaway running through the 15th.

Each bookstagrammer on the tour will receive a print copy of the book, will need to take an original picture using the book, and will then post their picture to Instagram on their assigned date along with the other required book and tour information they are sent.

Each stop will also have its own giveaway! Whoop! Usually there is a joint giveaway for all the stops, but the author would like to offer up five prize packs - so one prize for each stop on the tour.

It is not required to review, but participants are welcome and encouraged to do so.

Due to shipping costs, OPEN TO US RESIDENTS ONLY. Not all who sign up are guaranteed a spot on the tour.

There is also a Book Tour for this book. If interested, sign up here: https://forms.gle/nDkeT2bcQ5W8yj1W9.


Rhett Foster longs to change the world with his music, yet he can’t even finish writing one song. Battered by a string of failures and disillusioned, he returns home to Portland, Oregon. While he desperately wants to create a chart-topping hit, his dad mandates a new mission: move to coastal vacation hot spot Seabrook, Washington and scout out the competition for expanding the family’s successful restaurant business.

In danger of destroying her late parents’ legacy if she doesn’t diversify her business, Lindsay Carmichael will do anything to save her bakery. But with a tiny budget and an injured employee who can’t work, she has no choice but to sink the last of her savings into buying a dilapidated food truck and hiring Rhett as a part-time barista. What she doesn’t know is that the handsome songwriter has a secret…one that could destroy her business, and her heart.

Any questions? Contact Tressa at prismbooktours@gmail.com.

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