The Sheep 2020 - Art Application Form
Welcome beautiful Burner

We're thrilled you wanna participate with your awesome art project at the fifth edition of Where the Sheep Sleep (WtSS) 2020. Without your crazy artwork WTSS would be just another default event. Our little Dutch Playa will open its gates on Thursday 25th June 'till Monday 29th June 2020.

We can't wait to see what kind of AMAZING ART you're planning to bring. When thinking about a project please keep the Burning Man 10 Principles in mind, as this is at the core of our community!

Your Own Art, Temple, Effigy:
The below form includes applying to build your INDIVIDUAL ARTWORK, as well as to co-create this year’s honourable TEMPLE and celebratory EFFIGY, A.K.A The Man! You can indicate in the questions below which kind of artwork you're applying for.

Art Honoraria Program Application:
Same as previous years, funding is available for a few art pieces by Burning Man Netherlands. Do you want to know if you're eligible? Check out our FAQ:

You must submit this form before the 9th of June, midnight. For applications submitted after the 9th of June we cannot guarantee placement.

Please fill in the form as completely as possible. Thank you!

Do you want to wrangle guitars or other musical instruments? Please use the Music Application Form.
For performances - like dance or theatre - please use the Performances Application Form.

Muchas gracias & many hugs
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As The Sheep is a participatory event that follows the 10 Burning Man Principles we do not give away full free entry tickets to artists, performers or musicians. Everybody, including the event organisers, buys a ticket. Before filling in the Art Form, please make sure that you acknowledge this information.
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Does your creation include structural artwork? With structural artwork we mean a large, wooden/other material art piece which needs a lot of assembling.
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