Satisfaction Survey
This survey is meant to serve as feedback for the Freire Reading Group that you were apart of, facilitated by Gabrielle of the Freedom Arts Movement + Press
How would you rate your experience as a participant in the reading group? *
Poor -- it was a waste of my time
Great -- I came away with something that benefited my understanding of the book
How would you rate your experience as a person in the reading group? *
Poor -- I felt disrespected/unsafe
Great -- I felt respected/valued
How would you rate your experience with Gabrielle as a facilitator? *
Poor -- they should find a different role than facilitating
Great -- I would take another class facilitated by them
Would you ever consider taking another class hosted by the Freedom Arts Movement + Press? *
What did you dislike about the reading group? What could be improved for future groups? *
What did you like about the reading group? Was there anything that was especially helpful? *
Do you have any texts to suggest for future reading groups?
Any other comments?
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