People's Action Movement Politics Academy
People's Action is building a powerful candidate and campaign leadership program to recruit, run and elect radical progressives into local and statewide offices across the country. We believe that we need to transform the way elected officials and engage with their communities. Our focus is on electing, women, people of color, and low-income people who are grounded in progressive movement building

Apply here to attend the People's Action 2020 Movement Politics Academy!

Who: current or prospective campaign staff, candidates or political staff at member organizations.

When: The course is four weeks, Monday August 17th - Monday September 14th, and consists of a two hour session each Monday and Thursday 4 - 6 PT / 5 - 7 MT / 6 - 8 CT / 7 - 9ET. There will also be a couple of optional (but highly encouraged) political education sessions on Friday August 28th and Tuesday September 1st at 7:15-9:15PM ET

Where: All sessions will be occurring via ZOOM video.

What: right now, we are accepting applications for Introduction to Movement Politics course! This four week course will provide a basic framework for how to run movement politics campaigns deeply rooted in progressive movement building and community engagement. We will be covering the following topics:
-- Introduction to Movement Politics
-- Power & Self Interest
-- Building a Bigger We: Historic Bloc's of the Movement
-- One to Ones
-- Go Bold: Big Vision Platforms and Structural Reform
-- Planning to Win: Crash Course on Making a Campaign Plan
-- Field Plans for People Powered Campaigns
-- Political Plans: Power Analysis, Endorsements and Electoralizing Issue Fights
-- Fundraising
-- Messaging, Narrative, Core Communications Skills
-- Scaled Organizing: Distributed, Relational and Building Volunteer Teams

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Cost: $45 per participant. Limited scholarships are available. Please email if you are interested in a scholarship.

*NOTE: candidates who are running for office and have already declared are not eligible for a scholarship due to campaign finance laws.
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