2021 Green Party of Pennsylvania - GPUS National Delegate/Committee Representatives
This form is for nominations for national delegates, delegate alternates, and members of national committees. Nominees for positions that represent the Green Party of Pennsylvania at the national level must be registered Greens. Eight delegates are allowed - 4 will be alternates. GPUS delegates and committee members are elected for 2-year terms in even years. Vacancies arising between elections can be filled at any state meeting.
Three Pennsylvania Greens can be assigned to each national committee. Although 2021 is not an even year, there is turnover and so vacancies occur. Feel free to submit nominations (or self-nominate) and these will be brought forward in the case of vacancies.

In cases for which there are fewer positions than applicants, final selections will be voted on at the January Virtual Meeting. Some national committees also require selection/approval at the national level. You can find out more about each committee and its expectations and requirements on the Green Party US website: http://gpus.org/committees/

Most committees (including the National Committee made up of national delegates) expect participation in conference calls at least monthly along with follow-up work. Greens should be nominated/self-nominated for those in which they have strong interest and are likely to participate.
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