IEP Parent Survey
Duchesne County School District is striving to improve the IEP process for your child. This is a survey for parents of students receiving special education services. Your responses will help guide efforts to improve services and results for children and families.

For each statement below, please fill in the appropriate circle based on your most recent experiences within the past school year.
1=Strongly Disagree 2=Disagree 3=Agree 4=Strongly Agree
I work in partnership with the IEP team to develop my child's IEP. *
I feel comfortable sharing my ideas about how well special education services meet my child's needs. *
The teachers keep in touch with me regularly about my child's progress. *
My relationship with the staff has a positive effect on my child's education. *
Administrators are available to discuss my questions or concerns. *
My child's school encourages my involvement to improve outcomes for my child. *
The school explains the options I have if I disagree with the special education process. *
The parents' rights (procedural safeguards) were explained to me so that I understand them. *
The IEP team communicates with me in my native language. *
At the IEP meeting, we discussed what classroom accommodations my child would receive. *
At the IEP meeting, we discussed how my child would participate in state and district testing. *
The following IEP team members were present at my child's IEP: *
What supports do you need from the school to be more involved with your child's education?
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