EDA NM Rainforest University Center - Market Analysis Assessment
Complete this assessment to receive credit for attending or viewing the April 17, 2019 New Mexico Rainforest EDA University Center Seminar, "Market Analysis" by Susan Cornelius. This quiz is based on both the seminar and the handouts. The recorded seminar and handouts are available at NMRainforest.com
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According to the seminar, how many customers should you speak to when conducting customer discovery? *
True or False? The Customer, to a surprising degree, has significant control over determining your final product. *
True of False? Even if you do not have an initial prototype for your product, it is important to define markets and to perform customer interviews at the same time as you develop product. *
Which of the following statements are true? *
In determining your Value Proposition, which of the following question(s) do you need to answer? *
To further develop your Value Proposition, which of these statement(s) apply? *
What is the most important purpose of the Customer Interview? *
True or False? When you complete the Customer Discovery Interview, it is important to ask for a referral to two more customers.
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True or False? "Minimum Viable, Valuable, Validated" product means you can execute on the minimal product; customers will buy it at any price enabling you to make money; and customers say they will buy it. *
True or False? Based on Customer Discovery, the product you start out defining as the Minimum Viable Products (MVP) is unlikely to be the product you end up launching as your MVP. *
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