CCYOGA 200 Hour YTT & 300 Hour YTT Scholarship Application
Please fill out the fields below.  We encourage scholarship applications specifically if you have genuine financial needs. At Container Collective Yoga, we are committed to welcoming a wide variety of voices and life experiences into our trainings and creating training accessibility to people of all ranges of income. (NOTE: Scholarship applications are due asap or a minimum of 1 month prior to the 200 /300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training start date unless specified otherwise. You will be notified about your application 1 week after the due date. ***You are required to respond to the acceptance email asap or risk missing out on your scholarship offer***. If you are traveling to attend this training, please keep in mind the extra costs involved (including, but not limited to):  travel, housing, transportation to the yoga studio, daily meals and snacks, etc.  These are personal purchases that will remain separate from training tuition assistance provided via a half or full training scholarship.  Please visit the Container Collective Yoga website for details about the training and have a plan in place for travel and accommodation prior to the first day of training. Please understand that we will likely only be offering HALF scholarships to applicants.

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To aid us in providing and cultivating diversity in our community and trainings, please share if you are from an under-represented community within the realm of Western yoga and describe below:
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In order for us to assist the largest number of applicants, the MAJORITY of scholarships awarded will cover HALF the tuition fee.  Only a very limited amount of applicants will receive a FULL scholarship.  Please note that books, meals, snacks, housing, travel are NOT included in the scholarship and must be arranged by you separately.
Again, please note:  books, meals, housing, and travel are not included in the scholarship.  Please arrange all of these separate costs on your own.  In order for you to cover these costs, we recommend utilizing one or more of the following:  saving money, fundraising, developing a plan to cover extra costs before fully submitting your application, etc.  Have you contemplated the costs of travel and accommodation?  How do you plan to cover the separate expenses not covered by a half of full scholarship?
Please describe any financial hardships that make it difficult to pay for all or part of this training. *
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Energy exchange for the scholarship: In the event that you receive the scholarship, we request that you post about the upcoming training on your social media platforms as an invitation for others to join the program with you. Share 3-5 times on your feed and 3-5  times on your stories, as well. Do you agree to do this?
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