Burn The Debt - Save The Humans! Free Foreclosure - Mortgage - Debt Focus Group by Church and Non Profit Services

2016 - 2020 Debt Clean-Up - Hosted by Church and Non Profit Services: Our Founder is a former Bank Litigator - Judgment Enforcer - Legal Debt Collection Expert for over 35 years, (Certified in FDCPA since 1991) -Former NYS Realtor - Former Bank Branch Manager. In 2009 she left the corporate world and has become devoted to humanitarian, non profit, and spiritual/religious causes. Her skills now benefit people only. Join with us in our community effort to "Learn and Share" with your neighbors - they really need you, your help, your connections, and/or your expertise to survive in the current chaotic financial collapse. I/We want you to share what you learn. Everyone is stuck - but by working together we can fix it. We start by connecting...Then we change the world together.

FORECLOSURE/MORTGAGE: Free Information for families in foreclosure, denied a modification, trying to get a modification, suspect fraud or forgery, or other violations in the note, transfer, insurance, escrows, debt collection process, notification process, sale of note, already foreclosed, threatened with foreclosure, current but high rate/payment, questionable copies, documents, or signatures. Whatever issue you may be having will be discussed for options that may likely be available to you. Once you register with us you will be on the list for any group cases we plan to file on behalf of people, and/or notification of new options. We do ask for donations to support this for the people. Most recent Settlement: Massapequa 2nd mtg/Ocwen - Settled for -0-. (yes -0-). Recent past settlements: BoA $189K Bus. loc. settled for $38K. We may be small but we pack a punch through hands on knowledge and experience in these industries. Feel like chatting about it? Visit http://FemaleLed.org/

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Uniform Commercial Code
The Code Of Federal Conduct
Federal Trade Commission Act
Consumer Rights, Minority Rights, Women's Rights
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
Civil Rights Act
American Disabilities Act
Foreclosure Fairness Act
National Settlements see: http://NationalMortgageSettlement.com/
We have the JPMC Consent Judgment in .pdf format
and other state, federal and local laws which may apply

LACK OF HELP: We know there is a huge lack of help out there for people and we will be trying to help arm, and educate everyone with real facts, their rights, patterns of violations, and we also report our findings to the appropriate authorities regardless of their intended action. Come to our discussion group (you will receive an email/phone call on meetings/location) and make sure you register here so you are on our spreadsheet. We're secure, automated, and very on top of things in communicating with people. You are guaranteed to become very educated on things going on in the banking, mortgage, foreclosure, and debt collection industries. We will be asking for donations upon arrival and throughout the life of the programs. Use our form to securely indicate your donation support for these community outreach programs. We connect with people and stay connected for life.

DONATIONS have been scarce in recent years so let's pump up the volume on help and access to help for the people of our local communities. We do this by joining together. So far we have not met a problem we couldn't solve...So bring on the challenges!

OUR ORGANIZATION whether it be church related events, non profit events, or gatherings survives on donations of cash, items for resale, items of all kinds to be utilized by women, our youth group, and artists, elderly/disabled, and Vietnam Vets. We are committed to our local communities here on Long Island, but also try to cater to the needs of many in other states. Our plans are in the works for 3 self sustained farms being built to house, and provide jobs to many who are already involved, with many more becoming involved. Vehicles are needed and are not resold but given to women in need. All information is kept strictly confidential, not shared with anyone, (except where appropriate authorities are involved), and secure.

BAD DEBT: NEW PROGRAM: We are gearing up to buy debts of all kinds - Factoring Investors/Investors welcome. Meaning you will owe the church and non profit. We will then settle with you and apply all money paid to the farms being developed. Once the the debt is paid we will notify you to attend an official "DEBT BURNING CEREMONY" to celebrate your freedom from debt. It will never be resold, or sent to another third party for any reason. The Debt stops here, and your life begins free from burden. Once we collect (payments or otherwise) all proceeds go to the building of farms that will provide you and your family the best organic - safe food on earth, jobs, affordable housing, amenities, daycare, social clubs, and more. Referred to as the best plans on earth.

REGISTER on this form - and you will be the first called when the farms begin to open. Current locations we are looking at are; NY, PA, Fla. If you have property you want to donate to this cause - all owners maintain lifetime rights to the property and all of it's developments. It's then owned by the church, debt free (non encumbered), tax exempt, and we proceed to develop it into one of our self sustained farms, with Waste to Renewable Energy Plant - patented technology. It remains a humanitarian church and non profit operation permanently to be able to remain tax exempt. Many opportunities - Investors welcome and they too are tax exempt. 12% - 16% ROI. 1-3 year build - short/long term

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    We'll help you break through the barriers and arm you with the necessary ammo you need to protect your rights.

    It is the "Right" thing to do!