Kindergarten Information Form
This is for the parents of Mrs. Merkel's Kindergarten Class 2019-2020. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form and allowing me to be your partner in your child's education! The first part of this form asks for basic information about your child and family. The second part of this form helps me get to know your child better as an individual. If you ever have questions, concerns, or think of anything else you want me to know, feel free to reach out!
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What is your child's full name? *
Legal first and last name. If your child's first or last name is difficult to pronounce, please include the phonetic spelling in parenthesis next to the name.
Does your child have a nickname they preferred to be called?
If not, type n/a in the box
What is your child's age? *
What is your child's birthday? *
Who does your child live with during the week? If time is split, please specify. *
Will you need 2 copies of the report card? (If parents live in different homes) *
What is the best email to contact parent/ guardian #1? *
Please include name (first and last) and email address
What is the best email to contact parent/ guardian #2? (if applicable)
Please include name (first and last) and email address
Is this your child's first experience with school? *
If not, please tell me the pre-K program(s) that your child attended.
Does your child have any allergies, medical issues, or food restrictions that I should be aware of? *
If so, please let me know specifically what they are allergic to, and the reaction/ severity, or the medical condition or food restriction. This information should also be on your child's pink card.
Are there any holidays that your child does not celebrate, or you would not like them to participate in?
Also include if there are any special holidays that your child celebrates.
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