Student Behavioral Expectations Assessment
At NEWTECH we pride ourselves in helping students combine their robust academic knowledge with powerful technical skills - thus giving them a competitive advantage whether they enter the workplace or continue their education in an apprenticeship or at a two / four year college.

Each year, our goal is to place more of the right students in the right programs at NEWTECH. The right students are motivated, dedicated, show up daily/on time, and appreciate and respect the competitive advantage that they receive here at NEWTECH.

Below is a Student Behavioral Expectations Assessment. Your completion of this assessment will be recorded electronically and will serve as verification that you were provided information pertaining to the NEWTECH Student Behavioral Expectations.

Unlike in most traditional educational settings, you will be treated as professionals while attending our career preparatory programs here at NEWTECH.

At NEWTECH everyday is a job interview - act accordingly!
Because you never know when a job opportunity will present itself!!

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