SBSTA: 2017-18 Prep Period and Project Schedule
The following is an outline of the 2017-18 Preparation Period. The objective of the projects offered is continuity throughout an athlete's program. The curriculum is a mixture of free-skiing, focused work on technique, drill / training courses and overall athletic development across four events. Efforts have been made to provide, not only more project opportunities, but more opportunities closer to the start of the ski season. They form a pathway as one project connects with the next, ultimately preparing each athlete for prime performance during the 2017-18 Competition Period.

Unless otherwise noted below, projects are open to all age groups and will be staffed accordingly. Programming will be based on the developmental needs of the athletes in attendance. Projects are also open to invited athletes from outside SBSTA, including: prospective students, former students and other athletes that may offer additional pace.

Hotel reservations, lane space requests and airline availability inquiries will soon be made for this summer and next fall. A deposit will be required roughly 5 weeks prior to the project departure date. Payment in full will be required roughly 3 weeks prior to departure date.

Please review and complete this form as accurately as possible prior to April 15th. Contact your coach with questions.

(The Fine Print: Significant care will be taken to offer these projects at the lowest possible costs. Camp rates are subject to change. All overweight and additional baggage costs are at the individual athlete’s expense. SBA Student Handbook rules apply. Failure to abide by these rules may result in dismissal at athlete’s cost. Departures and returns to different cities may incur an additional fee.)

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Core Projects: The best way to improve as a skier is to ski. These are not required, but strongly recommended for all SBSTA athletes. Contact coach with questions. (Format: Dates, Venue (Birth Year, if applicable), Primary Focus, Estimated Project Cost (Est. Flight Cost), Deposit Due, Payment in Full) *
Supplemental Projects: In an effort to provide more skiing, we are offering the following projects that are slightly more focused on a particular experience. Participation is based on desire / energy level / finance, athlete's goals and academic eligibility. Contact coach with questions. (Format: Dates, Venue (Age group, if applicable), Primary Focus, Estimated Project Cost (Est. Flight Cost), Deposit Due, Payment in Full) *
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