Code free contribution ideas / experiences

My session "How to start contributing to Drupal without code" has been accepted for DrupalCamp London 2019 in March.

I would love to hear how you contribute to Drupal beyond the code so I can share your ideas (with attribution) thus ensuring the audience get as comprehensive range of ideas as possible to kickstart their contribution journey.

You only need to answer questions that are relevant to you.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.

Paul Johnson


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Why do you contribute? What is your motivation?
What form does your code free contribution take? (please give some detail of when, where, with whom, how) *
What places can people go to connect with others interested in code free contribution? e.g. specific urls, slack channels, social media accounts, places on D.O
I'm new to Drupal or I hold back because what I can offer is too simple or not worth much. What would you say to me?
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