Captive-raised hermit crab adoption application
*** Currently all approved adopters will be placed on the 2024 waiting list **

Welcome potential adopters!

Please read the criteria below and fill out the form to submit your application. This application is for adopting captive-raised land hermit crabs from the Hermit House adoption program.

A minimum of 6 months prior crab experience required to become an adopter.

Criteria to understand and agree to:

1 - The US adoption fee is $50 per native crab (C. clypeatus, also called purple pinchers) and $100 per non-native species (C. lila are the only non-natives available at this time). We require each adoption to be a minimum of two (2) captive-bred babies, for the good of the crabs. All adoption fees are returned to the program--most to the original breeder to support their efforts, with a small percentage going to support Hermit House and its mission to Keep Wild Hermit Crabs Wild.

2 - C. lilas will only be adopted out to previous successful adopters of captive-bred C. clypeatus at this time. Lilas are an all new species for Hermit House and this decision is made solely for the good of the crabs; they need to go to keepers who have already proven they can successfully care for captive bred C. clypeatus.

3 - You must live within the US in order to adopt (or be willing to drive across the border to pick them up in person).

4 - You are required to pay $40 for overnight UPS shipping (and you must be at home to receive them when they arrive) or agree to meet one of our adoption facilitators in person.

5 - You must be 18 years of age or older or have parental/guardian consent. To submit parental consent: Take a picture of your parent/guardian holding a sign with the current date stating they approve you to adopt from the Hermit House breeding program.

6 - The tank you will house the babies in needs to meet the basic case requirements set out by the Crab Street Journal. Please review the standards of care and make any necessary changes before applying. (This link will provide the starting point of the information you need but there are other links on the site that will go into further detail on each topic)

7- Captive-bred babies should NEVER be put through PPDS. They were born into ideal conditions and have never been exposed to lower temperatures and lower humidity. While PPDS has shown to be helpful for pet store crabs that have been taken from the wild and subjected to harsh conditions, it can absolutely be FATAL to captive-bred babies. Please plan to place the babies immediately into a tank set to the ideal parameters.  

Please note the following:

- The current babies being re-homed are Coenobita clypeatus (PP's, purple pinchers) and Coenobita lila (Indonesian blueberry). C. lila will only be available to previous adopters.
- If you plan to go to college or move away the crabs' well-being needs to be considered prior to adopting as this is a long-term commitment.

Next Steps:

1 - Send thorough pictures (or a video) of the setup you plan to use to house the crabs via email to:

2. INCLUDE the following information with your email:

Name as it appears on your adoption application:
Tank size:
How many crabs you currently have:
Please describe how your tank is setup:
How is your substrate made:
What is the depth of your substrate:
How is the water made for their pools (list products used):
Do your pools have supports underneath to safely empty them without disturbing molting crabs:
Do you have a digital hygrometer and thermometer:
With it placed in the center of the tank about 2 inches off the substrate, what are the readings:
How do you heat your tank:
Does your tank have a completely sealed lid:

3. Stay in communication with us to work on getting your application approved, we want you to be approved and to be successful crab keepers! Also make sure to check your spam folder for our messages if you haven't heard back from us or email us if you are still having issues.

Once we receive your pictures they will be looked over by the adoption team. Please be patient with us as we look over your application and photos. We might ask for more photos, have questions to clarify what we're seeing in the photos or request that changes are made according to the standards. Once all the standards are met we will let you know that you are approved and your application will be forwarded to Mary Akers, founder of Hermit House, who will contact you for the next steps.

Thank you,
The adoption team

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