Kol Shofar COVID Volunteer Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in supporting the community during this time. We appreciate many different kinds of help. Nothing you say "yes" to in this form is binding here - if you express interest in something, someone will follow up with you. Feel free to skip any volunteer question.
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I am interested in helping call community members on the phone to check in on them, direct them to resources, and see if they need anything
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I am interested in shopping for community members in my area who need groceries or other goods
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I am interested in delivering goods (either that I buy or someone else buys) to community members in my area
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I am interested in coordinating all these logistics/managing other volunteers/etc, and am familiar with Google Drive tools (Forms, Sheets, etc.)
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I have extra supplies or goods that I'd like to share/distribute if they are needed, and they are:
I can help in some other way:
Any other suggestions, comments, ideas?
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