2019 Haunted Forest Participant/Volunteer Release of Liability, Damage Waiver and Photo Release Form
I will participate in the activities put on by Haunted throughout the 2019 season. I will also participate in the activities put on by Haunted held at the Royal Arch Park in Maple Valley.

My roles may include acting, running controls, assisting/operating the ticket booth, assisting with make-up, security, monitoring guests for safety violations, at times escorting guests to the appropriate exit, and more. As an event volunteer, I understand that Management must be notified of all incidents relating to guest problems, equipment failure, injuries, and safety violations.

As a volunteer, I understand that my actions (both good and bad) are viewed by the public and directly affiliate me with Haunted/Haunted Forest. I understand that if my actions are deemed inappropriate, my volunteer duties will be cancelled and that I will be removed from the event without warning.

I do not hold Haunted, Royal Arch Park, and/or any affiliates of this event responsible for damage or loss of property, and/or injury or death to myself while participating in the Haunted Forest, including the trail through the haunted woods. I fully understand pictures taken of myself will only be used by Haunted to show the many ways our youth and families can have fun while participating in our activities!
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